Tarelle L Parker

“Each piece of design is a mini cosmos

that exists within the bounds of the frame, of the screen–whatever rules of color, contrast, gravity, or ‘reality,’ (etc.) the artist proclaims to be true within the frame are laws that must be followed for those inches of space. Whilst inside the space of the frame-screen the afamed screen melts away, leading the way from augmented reality into reality. Thus, the user is entertained. ” Tarelle L Parkerr

Tarelle Parker is a BFA Graphic Design student at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island and is from Seattle, Washington. Parker has immersed herself in the systematic nature of design and its ability to communicate accross mediums and cultures. Her work is both highly visual and conceptual, because she views design as a learning tool to answer questions and ask newly informed questions.

Parker’s first introduction to systematic thinking began with her first BFA, from the Florence Classical Arts Academy in Florence, Italy where she specialized in Classical Russian Oil Painting and Drawing from 2012–2015.  Under Sergey Chubirko’s instruction at the Florence Classical Arts Academy, Parker has received an indepth education regarding composition which has been integral to her artistic eye and narrative capabilities. While in Florence, Parker participated in various exhibitions around Europe, including the Firenze Biennale and an exhibition where she was the featured artist at Palazzo Medici Riccardi.

While Parker was being educated in Florence, and participating in exhibitions, she became disillusioned with the artmarket, and the inaccessibility of high art. Parker turned to graphic design as an answer for a more democratic means of artistic expression and absorbtion. Parker’s systematic,  approach to the rules of color, typography, brand identity, web design, and UI UX design and her distilling of concepts and research all claim Parker to be a “graphic designer“ in the same neologistic way William A. Dwiggins was in 1929.

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