The System of

The study of Classical Oil Painting + Drawing in the Russian method was my induction into systematic thought, design, and art. Art, especially painting, is often misassociated with finicky, unpredictable, and inconsistant makers. Au contraire – in order to achieve masterly craftsmanship over one’s discipline, one must be consistent in their method and process; calculated in their risks; diligent in their work ethic; and gracious in thier errors.

The discipline of Classical Russian Oil Painting & Drawing has sculpted my understanding of the artistic/design process. Through the rigorous study of Gottfried Bammes, V. A. Mogilevstev, Aleksey Bakhtin, and Neri Pozza’s anatomical schemes I have developed a reverence for the complex system of the human anatomy and its visual organization. 

My understanding a skeletal structure of the the human body metaphorically relates to my understanding of design.  A design is an answer to a problem – a “design solution.” A design solution must have an organizing principle as a base structure, like a skeleton is to the body, for creating visual heirarchies which are rooted in the concepts of

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