Head Knockers

Custom Skate Deck 

The Head Knockers are characters I created in 2018 in a state of boredom and frustration. They have turned into an idea for accomplishing the most with the least. My client approached me in 2019 with a request to do a customized skate deck with a  colorful composition with my Head Knockers. I was deep in color theory of Joseph Albers at the time and I thought I could apply many of his color interactions to the composition. I took the project on and produced a hand painted skate deck.

The Process
[of color]

Initial sketches 

color interactions

When I was discussing color choices with my client, they asked me to use a lot of green in my palette for the deck, but I was unsure of how I would make the green exist. To begin, I watched many skateboarding videos to understand what a skate deck looks like when it is being used. There are many glimpses of color and form. Due to the high speed visual interaction of the skate deck with the eye, I decided the color interaction should be instantly readable. So, I chose to use the effect of overlapping colors with an analogous color palette – it is an effect that is understood immediately, but one that can be observed in stillness and enjoyed for an indefinite period of time.

Initial sketches 

Color Palette Selection

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